CP id

Civic_Princess' IDFone from February 2013: the last time she's been online.

Civic_Princess (her real name is Jennifer), also called Jenny and Jen by her friends is currently a level 739 non member. She would be 748 if she had signed on today.

Earlier Days

Civic_Princess joined Fantage on October 13, 2008. She started to become known by almost all of Fantage in May 2009; before the Hall of Fame even came! Very impressive. She was constantly featured on the official Fantage Blog for winning their contests, being the first to max out a new medal, etc. She was member of the month. Her blog Fantage Rocks (which is no loner available) had more than 130,000 hits. She was in the Comet A LOT; her Writer's Medal is a whopping 70 levels. Her YouTube channel is saoxlaoxjennyShe once quit in 2009 because of Donut (as said by Anaira1998) and in September 2011 because too many people hated on her and posed as her. From civic__princess to clvlc_prlncess to civic_jen123, there were just too many of them. Over 80 Fantagians came to her Valentine's Day party back in February 2011.

Hall of Fame

Once the Hall of Fame came, Civic_Princess was already first place in it. Most of Fantage already knew her before that happened. She was the first Fantagian to ever reach level 1,000. She was dating Red_ninja who was also in the top 10. Pinkstardust was a legend when Civic_Princess was first. Then she was 8th, 2nd, then beat Civic_Princess.


The last time Civic_Princess was on Fantage was February 2013 to visit. She was in an empty server with her friends. Her membership was only renewed on June 21st, then gone. She was a level 2,101 member; 1,000 levels lower than people in the top 10.


There is a reason why they are called rumors. They are NOT true!

"Civic_Princess and Pinkstardust are sisters." They don't know each other in real life, nor on Fantage.

"Civic_Princess is the daughter of Fantage workers." No.

"Civic_Princess works for Fantage." This is NOT true. She admitted it HERSELF that she has NOTHING to do with the Fantage staff! it's amazing how people thing the top 10 users have some special relationship to Fantage workers just because they have high levels.