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Fantage is a virtual world that has been open since October 2007. It official launched after beta testing on March 15, 2008. You can get pets, buy retired items at Vintage Gold, buy clothes in shops, go to school, play games, and more! Join the millions that play today!

Since the Hall of Fame came out, Fantagians have been losing the recognition they deserved.

Hall of Famers to rising Fantagians all deserve their spotlight, so here it is!

Recognized Fantagians

Fantagian Hopefuls

Iceycycle91 and Glittery3 .

Fantagians in the Spotlight

Pinkstardust , An_molly , Ararara , Chris_930 , Yara_yara , Dragon_iron , Drew4011 , Ptran , Mzcavs , and Cristina792 .