Glittery3's IDFone of November 2013

Glittery3 is a level 210 non member. She joined Fantage in May 2010. She has gotten some recognition, mainly from Popstar0933, Cottonblue567, 12lilac, and August4310. 

Some people recognize Glittery3 for being a minor character in Jikorox's winning video, Stalker Girl, which placed 2nd for the avatar actions.

The Story of her "High Level"

Glittery3's level is considered high by some people. Your first thought: "Being on Fantage for 3 1/2 years, level 210 is not high. People on for 3 1/2 years are level 400 and up." Glittery3 has a story to go with it that's not like anyone elses.

Glittery3 came on Fantage in May 2010. After a month, she suddenly quit. She came back June 2013 as a level 20 non member. For these 5 months of her return, she's gained 190 levels. That's about 38 levels per month.

Blog and YouTube

Glittery3's blog, Fantage Rainbows , is still in progress. It is unsure if she is still going to work on it.

Fun Fact: Fantage Rainbows was the name of Dippindots123's blog in 2008-2009 until it got hacked by Lolwutgoat in 2010.

Her YouTube is Glittery3 Fantage . She posts videos of her inventory, times with her best friends, and experiences with other people. She totals 31 views with 0 subscribers.

Best Friends

Glittery3's main friends are Cristina792, 75temp, 12lilac, August4310, Cottonblue567, Nat534, Drakeryan, Jikorox, Bhanu15, and more!

Dindin360 used to be Glittery3's best friend until they got into a huge fight and deleted each other.

Recently, Glimmer90, semi-famous, was Glittery3's best friend. Glittery3 says that Glimmer90 was being so full of herself and didn't want to be Glittery3's friend anymore. She deleted her and broke their friendship bracelet. Glimmer90 gave it to her new best friend, Greenbead5. Glittery3 added back Glimmer90 but they don't chat anymore. They are friends, but don't keep in touch. Glittery3 didn't like how their fight came out to the public. Glimmer90 reported that Glittery3 was posting lies on a wiki to make her look bad.

Glittery3 said that Iceycycle91 was "the best BFF anyone could have" for sticking up for her, although her better friends are 75temp and Cottonblue567. Cottonblue567 is her best friend because she can always get along and talk to her whenever.

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Glittery3 quit Fantage in December 2013. She was receiving too much hate. When she would go on Fantage, people would tease her and call her names, as said in her YouTube video. She feels like she isn't wanted anymore. Also, her school grades were dropping because she spent too much time on Fantage. Some of her friends, like Bhanu15, 75temp, and Nat534, mainly still support her.