Iceycycle91 of November 2013

Iceycycle91 is a level 931 member and 527 non member. She has a blog, YouTube, and Instagram. Her goal is to become a level 1,000 member and 800 non member. She is known my a few Fantagians.

Blog, YouTube, and Instagram

Iceycycle91's blog is Fantage Artist . It has 9,028 hits. Her goal is to reach 10,000. For her contests, she added a "Voice your Choice" method so that there are multiple options of prizes to win. Her blog is placed #24 for top blogs.

Her YouTube is icyclexbicycle . She posts account updates, Fantage Music Videos, Speed Paints, and more. She has 906 total views and 19 subscribers.

Her Instagram is xiceycycle . She has 33 followers. It was made last month.

Quit and Return

Iceycycle91 was Thin_ice95 from August 6, 2009 to June 2011. She was banned forever after her blog, Fantage Cheers (which was deleted after she quit) for 11,000 views and she was starting to get famous. She checked Iceycycle91 everyone 3 months to keep her account from possibly deleting. Fantage stated that after 6 months of inactivity, your account gets deleted for you. This is a mistruth. On January 1, 2013 (right on the new year), she returned as Iceycycle91. She was a level 78 non member. She created Fantage Cheers in March (as a reminder of thin_ice95), but it wasn't getting enough views. Then she made Fantage Artist , which she owns today. She has gotten 449 non member levels in 10 months. That's about 45 levels per month!


Iceycycle91's main friends are Cottonblue567Glittery3, Asha8996Suseyflower, August4310, and Flowergirl5867. Glittery3, Asha8996, and Suseyflower haven't kept in touch because they haven't been online recently. Iceycycle91's days usual don't consist of friends. She doesn't have a BFF. She is usually spotted on Fantage alone, trying to level up. Whenever she tries to get a Fantage family, they leave and never come back, never speak, or get in a fight and delete her.

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