Card Mzcavs

Mzcavs of November 2013

Mzcavs joined Fantage on October 14, 2009: earlier than most Hall of Famers. He is level 3,387; tied with Ptran!

Hall of Fame

Mzcavs is 9th Place in the Hall of Fame. Pinkstardust, first place, is his Fantage girlfriend. This adds to his fame because he is sometimes seen with her. When he became a non member 3 months ago (at a level of 807), Pinkstardust broke up with him until he was a member again.

Mean with Pinkstardust

Although Mzcavs wasn't caught calling people "peasants" and "nothing," people, Wishyouwereme in particular, said he was being mean to her along with his friends then Pinkstardust came in and said "Who won?" She was also calling Wishyouwereme a dog and Mzcavs' friends were laughing at her.