Card Pinkstardust

Pinkstardust of November 22, 2013

Pinkstardust is a Level 3,615 member. She joined Fantage on July 10, 2009. Her sister in real life is Queenbee_.

Hall of Fame

Pinkstardust started in the Hall of Fame as a legend. She was placed 16th. She worked her way up to 8th Place. When she was second; right after Civic_Princess, people were still crowding her. In late 2011, she made her way up to 1st Place. She has been first for about 2 years now. Her boyfriend, Mzcavs, is 9th Place in the Hall of Fame. Pinkstardusts hates non members. When Mzcavs became a non, Pinkstardust actually broke up with him until he got his membership back.

Social Media

The only website Pinkstardust goes on as herself is FANTAGE. She is never on blogs, YouTube, chat boxes--whatever. It will not be her, obviously if someone's name is Pinkstardust on one of these things. Too fake; famous people don't reveal themselves that way.

Mean to Nice

There were tons of complaints about how rude Pinkstardust was. She would call people names (she is known for calling non members peasants) and act like she is better than everyone in every way. She even called Princess_moomoo nothing. "U ARE NOTHING" she said. Her friends told her that her eyes made her look mean, so she changed them. People said the fame got to her head. Now Pinkstardust is trying to be nice to people, answering their questions and taking pictures with them. Her major buddies are Dennie1, Queenbee_, Mzcavs, and Jaclynn1999.